Live Performance
I dig deep into acoustic Americana music, blending elements of country, rock, blues and soul. I deliver a lively, inspiring blend of originals and covers in my own unique style. My music is down-home and earthy from the heart and soul.  I play an average of 30 shows per year with over 30 years of live performance experience.

Check out some video performances of my original songs.

I currently play solo acoustic with the option to add a hand drummer/percussionist at your request.

Here is an old video montage of some popular songs that I cover.

Reasonable rates- Let's work something out!

If you have any cancellations, I would be happy to fill in pending availability.

"Thanks a million Andrew. That was so spontaneous and it was so much fun to hear you play. You are awesome solo!" -Brad Klatt, Co-owner & Head Brewer, Uncommon Loon Brewing Company, after filling a cancellation on less than 2 hours notice.

“The music tied everything together today and made it magic” a happy listener at Pleasant Valley orchard, Oct. 2023.

Studio Sessions
I play electric guitar as well as acoustic. If you need a soulful, gritty, bluesy, rock lead guitar track on your song, I can handle it. Most of my years of experience were playing classic rock and blues in bar bands. I can also add vocals and some harmonica. I have recorded several studio projects including recording "In the distance", "Devotion" and "Where I'm From" myself in my home studio. Send me a mix of your basic tracks, I'll send you back a WAV file of guitar or vocal.

"You did a great job", "you have increased my pride in the tune", "I've got some good comments on it" -Tom Engelhardt, Song for Bernard, Into the nothin'

Music Licensing
If you are interested in using my songs for Movie, TV, Commercials or if you are an artist looking to record one of my songs, I will listen to your offer.

E-mail me for bookings